Post-operative care

Follow-up eye check-up

  • Next day
  • A week
  • One month
  • Three months (or follow doctor's instructions)
  • Six months (or follow doctor's instructions)

Post-corrective care

Day of treatment:

  • Discomfort such as drooling or a little foreign body sensation after normal vision is normal. The discomfort gradually decreases after two to three hours.
  • Take your medicine or eye drops regularly as directed by your doctor for four weeks.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes

One week after

  • Avoid soap water, tap water or sewage entering the eyes
  • Avoid using eye makeup

One month after

  • Wear sunglasses if necessary to prevent UV irritation or sand from getting into your eyes
  • No water activities or hot baths
  • Do not play collision sports, such as football, basketball, etc.
  • Anytime you have sudden pain in your eyes or a significant decrease in vision, you must contact your doctor as soon as possible.
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