Patient Info

Stop wearing contact lenses before eye examinations and corrections

* Wearing contact lenses have the chance to squeeze the cornea, easily cause errors in examination.

7 days

Soft contact lens
(without astigmatism)

14 days

Soft contact lens
(with astigmatism)

30 days

Hard Lens

90 days

Refractive lens (Orthok)


  1. Preliminary Examination includes refractive test, autorefraction, corneal thickness measurement, intraocular pressure measurement and etc.

  2. Comprehensive Fundus Examination includes Schirmer's test, pupil size measurement, corneal topography, endothelial cell count, mydriasis and fundus examination, optical coherence tomography (if needed), scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (if needed) and etc.

  3. Pupil Dilation:

    • Vision blurs when viewing near objects
    • Having slight photophobia
    • Do not drive afterward
    • Please bring sunglasses
    • The effect generally disappears after 4 to 6 hours
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