FAQ for ICL (Implantable Contact Lens)

1What is the corrective range of ICL implantable contact lenses?

ICL implantable contact lenses can be used to correct myopia up to 1800 degrees, hyperopia up to 1000 degrees and astigmatism up to 600 degrees.

2Can others see the ICL implanted contact lenses in my eyes?

As the position of the crystal is between the iris and the lens in the eye, it is not visible.

3Will there be a body rejection after ICL implanted contact lenses?

ICL implantable contact lenses are highly biocompatible and neither cause inflammation nor body rejection.

4How long can I work and live normally after surgery?

ICL has a short recovery period and allows clients to have clear vision on the first day after correction. Doctors will provide specific recommendations.

5Why are ICL implantable contact lenses more expensive than SMILE and LASIK?

The artificial lenses used in our center are individually made in Switzerland. They are international ophthalmic products with high-tech high-quality. Compare with the more automated vision correction like SMILE and LASIK, ICL depends more technical requirements for doctors.

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