FAQ for Presbyopia

1How to determine which presbyopia correction method is suitable for me?

The doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination to assess suitable presbyopia correction plan for you.

2Presbyopia does not appear with myopia?

Presbyopia is a natural phenomenon of declining eye function. Due to the gradual hardening of eye lens and the aging of muscles in the eye, the zoom function of the lens deteriorates, making it difficult to focus and blur the field of vision when looking at close objects. Most people begin to experience presbyopia around the age of 40 to 50, so people with myopia also have the chance to get presbyopia.

3When should be the best time to have multi-focal lens implantation?

Trifocal crystals are mainly used in improving presbyopia around the age of 40 to 50. If you think presbyopia has already affected your normal life and you need to wear reading glasses while reading, multi-focal lens implantation is a good choice for you. Again, the most suitable presbyopia correction plan needs to be formulated by a doctor after a comprehensive examination.

4Is presbyopia equal to hyperopia?

Optically, presbyopia is a type of hyperopia, but they have different causes. The main cause of hyperopia due to the shortened eyeball, causing images focus behind the retina. As for the presbyopia, it is because the crystal is degraded and hardened, loses its elasticity and the aging of the ligament connected to the lens, which reduces the bias function of the crystal, making it difficult to focus when it comes close object.

5Can presbyopia be prevented?

At present, there is no effective way to prevent presbyopia from appearing or worsening, but maintaining good habits can help alleviate the symptoms and predicaments caused by presbyopia.

6How long does it take to restore vision after surgery?

You can get good near vision the next day after treatment, and you are supposed to read without reading glasses. Middle and long distance vision recovery is usually achieved within one week after surgery. After a few weeks, your vision will become clearer and gradually adapt to multifocal vision.

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